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A Mangled Mess is the second episodes of the first season of Bruce the Runaway Engine.

A Mangled Mess
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date July 5th, 2015
Written by Percyduckfan1111
Directed by Percyduckfan1111
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NOTE: This episode contains what some people may call "foul language".

James was pulling Bruce on a flatbed to the Steamworks. "I am the most splendid engine on all of the island." James bragged, Bruce just rolled his eyes. "Can you shut up?! Seriously, you're not the most splendid. That color is just an eyesore in sunny days." James was shocked, and kept quiet. When they arrived, James dropped off the flatbed. Bruce was confused, especially when he looked up. One of Emily's wheels was broken, so she was on the hoist! "Hello!" Emily cheerfully said. Bruce smiled at her. Then, Kevin arrived. "Hello! Victor told me you were coming. He's gone at the moment. The workmen are going to fix you up." Bruce smiled at Kevin.

A few minutes later, the workmen had a problem. "Uhh, Kevin, there's not enough parts." One of them said, and Bruce was worried, thinking he may be scrapped. Suddenly, Thomas came, pushing Phillip. "Bruce, Phillip came to see you. He wouldn't stop freaking out." Thomas, and Phillip looked embarrassed. Bruce chuckled. "That's Phillip for you." Bruce told Thomas. "Hey!" Phillip said, angered. "Oh yeah, he nee more parts. Bruce needs them." Kevin explained. Thomas had an idea. "Me and Phillip will go to the Mainland!" Thomas bravely said. "Yeah!" Phillip happily agreed. They started puffing away, but then Bruce said something. "Watch out for Homer and Bean! And don't be cheeky and not listen!" He yelled to them. "Yes, Bruce." The two said, now being bored. But, Bruce needed them. So, the two left anyways.

The two went to Vicarstown Bridge. They had gotten Percy to go as well, so three. Then, they crossed the bridge when it went down. After a few minutes, the trio found something, a 0-8-2 chassis and funnel. The same length as Bruce's. They didn't notice. Suddenly, a horn could be heard. "It's Homer!! Let's get outta here!" Phillip cried. Thomas coupled up to the flatbed with the parts, and Percy took Phillip. "Come on!" Percy said. Homer came. "I'm coming for you three!" He screamed, and Thomas and Percy went faster. Then, the two tank engines crossed Vicarstown Bridge, back to Sodor. Then, Gordon came with the Express. "Move back!" Gordon yelled, and Gordon chased Homer back to the Mainland. When Thomas, Percy, and Phillip arrived, They saw that Victor was back, and later, Victor fixed Bruce.