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A Leak of Steam is the eighteenth episode of Delete the Mixed-Traffic Engine.


Delete had now been on Sodor for a couple years. He now had total expirence on the island. However, a small crack made when he was working on the BR, had been growing bigger and bigger every millisecond.

It had measured just 2mm, but now it was 2.5 cm, and it wasn't wide either, but it did have an effect of his strength.

He was pulling his daily 7.15 train, when he felt it.

He wondered, "Has my crack grown bigger? It couldn't be."

He decided to say nothing.

Even so, his Driver knew about it.

"I think the cracks getting bigger", warned the Fireman.

Indeed it had grown bigger, now heading for 3 centimeters.

"At least we only have Gordon's Hill to go", replied the Driver relivead.

But, they couldn't manage that. The harder Delete tried, the worse. In fact, the crack reached 3.1 cm!

"I can't", groaned Delete, exausted.

"Yes indeed", said the Driver, inspecting Delete's tubes, "The crack grew nearly 3 centimenters since we last inspected it."

"I phone ahead", sighed the Fireman.

He did, and Bulgy took home the passengers. But Delete couldn't be helped. What's worse, it rained, which made him feel very damp.

"Don't worry. We'll stay in the coaches", said the Fireman.

The Guard had blankets, so they stayed there.

But, Delete was thinking, "Was this the end? Why did he have to be scrapped, at 5 years old? Was this really the end?" And with that, he fell asleep.

The next morning, he woke up to a beautiful sunrise, with Saturn pulling him.

"Cheer up, today's going to be a lovely day."

He was put in Tidmouth Sheds. After a week, James took him out.

He went to get water, and is when Diesel, 'Arry, and Bert crept up.

"Well, well, well. I always said it would be the end", oiled Diesel. "You know where you're heading. If you don't know, you're heading for Sodor Smelter's Yard. But, 'Arry and Bert shall tell you that."

"Well, it is so sad to see you end", began 'Arry.

"Indeed. For a new engine. It seems the Fat Controller just betrayed you", added Bert.

"Now, we'll give you a last polish, before you have to..."

"Be scrapped. Don't worry. We'll say your good-byes", finished Bert.

"Oh, shut up", grumbled James.

"Look who we have here", said 'Arry.

"It's none other than James the Red Engine. Well,..."

"We'll be waiting for you."

And they clanked away.

"Yeah, you better go, you morons. Don't listen to silly striped, grim, scraping diesels. They think they're superior than us. But they're not!"

And James pulled Delete away.


  • James
  • Saturn
  • Delete
  • Diesel
  • 'Arry
  • Bert
  • Bulgy (mentioned)