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A Bigger Prank or More Pranks on Engines for British releases is the seventy-first episode of the fourth season.

"Ha, Ha"

A Bigger Prank/More Pranks on Engines
Season 4, Episode 71
Air date February 2, 2012
Written by HenryDashPaxton3000
Directed by HenryDashPaxton3000
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Thomas has been VERY cheeky. He shunted Gordon 20 empty undignified, dirty, ugly, coal trucks. But, the passengers didn't mind, it wasn't until Vicarstown when he discovered and he blew steam in which passengers considered that he 'Ruined Their Day', Gordon said HE would not take those stupid coal trucks, so Thomas took them and Gordon went to the Sheds, sulking.


  • Thomas
  • Gordon
  • Sir Topham Hatt


  • In the remastered version only 5 coal trucks are behind Gordon.