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A4 Antics is the forth episode of the first season of Adventures on Sodor.


Gordon was resting in a siding at Knapford, when, suddenly, a whistle he never liked to hear blew. "Oh..." Gordon moaned. Stanley pulled up next to Gordon, who sighed as well. "You gotta be kidding me." He muttered. Suddenly, Spencer pulled into the station, who scared Edward awake, who was sleeping. "Spencer! Can't you quiet down?" Edward asked. Spencer ignored him, and went to Gordon. "Hello, Gordon. It's great to see an elder here." He chuckled. Gordon looked cross. "I'm the reason you were built!" He snapped, but Spencer left.

Spencer was staying for a WEEK. Everyday, he called Gordon an elder, and on the sixth, Gordon couldn't take it anymore. He went in the sheds and wouldn't come out, which made Percy do it too, thinking it was a smart idea. Sir Topham Hatt arrived. "Gordon, Percy, why are you sulking in the sheds?" He asked, and Gordon explained the situation. "I just did it because Gordon's a good role model." Percy said, being his goofy self. Sir Topham Hstt thought. "We still have some Welsh Coal, we can trick Spencer." He told the two. "But, Henry needs it!" Percy told him, but Thomas cut in. "Not anymore." Thomas told.

The next day, Spencer was pulling the express, and has taken Welsh Coal. So, at Gordon's Hill, he broke down! Thomas, Gordon, and Percy all pulled up next to Spencer, who was embarrassed. They laughed at him, and Gordon coupled up to the front of Spencer. "Ha! The elder saved the day!" Gordon remarked, and the tank engines chuckled at Spencer. "Oh dear." Spencer said, and Gordon pulled the express to help out. Now, Spencer seems to know better than tease Gordon.