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949 was a steam engine from New Zealand.


949 was a black tender engine with a red bufferbeam, and a cowcatcher. It is based off a real engine of the same class and number.


On December 24th, 1953, it was scheduled to pull the 3 p.m. Wellington-to-Auckland express no. 626, consisting of 5 second-class carriages, 4 first-class carriages, a guard van, and a post van, bringing the total up to 11 coaches. However, it never made it to Auckland. Shortly after 10:20 p.m., the 949 crashed into the Whangaehu River, taking all the second-class carriages and one first-class carriage with it. 151 passengers and crew died in the wreck. Shortly after, 949 was taken to Hutt workshops and scrapped, though several components survived and were used on other steam engines as the need increased.


The Sudrians

  • Tangiwai (Flashback only)
  • Spirit (Ghost only)