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1 Year of Thomas & Friends:Adventures on Rails is a 3-Disk DVD celebrating One Year of Thomas & Friends:Adventures on Rails. The whole set has fifty episodes in total, seven games to play, and ten songs. Disk One will contain 25 of the episodes, three songs, and one game. Disk Two will have 15 episodes, two games, and one song. Disk Three will have have the last 10 episodes, the last four games, and the last six songs. It also has some colouring sheets, a Meet the Director feature, Character cube, Photo Gallery with Deleted Shots, Deleted Scenes, and Director's Commentary on two episodes. The cover features shots from The Pilot Episode, The Paint Store, Gordon's Foggy Day, and A Day at the Diesel-Works, with Thomas and the Steam Team at Tidmouth Sheds. The Back cover has Delete, Saturn, and Nix, with shots from A Bad Omelette, Trucks, Ballast and Engines, Signals, and Near Plunge.


A special 3-disk DVD accomidating 1 entire year of Thomas & Friends:Adventures on Rails. Featuring fifty of the best episodes in all seven seasons and that one spin-off series, along with seven fun-filled games, and ten official Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends songs. Watch the very first episode with optional remastered quality, so you can see how it all began. Or see how engines start their life on the Fat Controller's Railway. Join Nix, Saturn, Neptune, and all your other classic friends. But there's more! With games to play, like 'Down at the Docks', 'Painting', 'Repair', 'Shunt', 'Fix'. You'll want to play forever. In addition, you have 'Meet the Director', 'Director's Commentary', 'Character Cube', Photo Gallery with Deleted Shots! And Behind the Scenes photos, and official Deleted scenes and episodes. So hop on board with this special 3-disk DVD of Thomas & Friends:Adventures on Rails

Disk One

Menu Design- Thomas with options on his right, the logo above, and subtitles and language selection on the left


Menu Design- Henry with episodes in front of him. Episodes show a short scene from them

  1. Thomas and Gordon
  2. The Date
  3. Edward the 4-4-2
  4. Edward & the Coaches
  5. A Revenge from Coaches
  6. The Rookie
  7. James and the Freight Cars
  8. Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla, 3 great flavours for Ice Cream
  9. The Paint Store
  10. Gordon's Foggy Day
  11. The World's Dirtiest Engine
  12. Percy & The Truck
  13. Gordon the Record Breaker
  14. The Ultimate Diesel Guide
  15. Nix's New Brakes
  16. Den in Charge
  17. Oil & Trouble Dart
  18. The Curse of The Scottish
  19. A Thanksgiving Celebration
  20. A Day at the DieselWorks
  21. The Freeze
  22. Douglas' Lunar Eclipse
  23. A New Record
  24. Henry and the Snow
  25. The Winter Solstice


  • Down at the Docks- Help Cranky load cargo by selecting the correct engines from above.


  1. The Island Song
  2. Night Train
  3. Boo! Boo! Choo-Choo

Disk Two

Menu- Same as Disk One, but with Nix


Menu-Percy with flatbeds with the episdoes

  1. A Christmas Special
  2. A Bad Omelette
  3. Emily, Gordon, and the Coaches
  4. A Final Journey with Coal?
  5. Thomas' Turntable Spin
  6. The Replacement
  7. Henry and The Flying Kipper
  8. James' Fishy Day
  9. Trucks, Ballast, and Engines
  10. Bill, Ben, and The Diseasel
  11. Dirty Engines
  12. The Visitor
  13. Donald's Advice
  14. Douglas' Advice
  15. Fish and Forklifts


Menu- Toby at a three berth shed with Harold above

  1. Paint twenty engines from scratch. Done in four parts
  2. Match ten engines with their number


  1. The Whistle Song

Disk Three

Menu Design- Same as above, but with James


Menu Design- Like a regular DVD, but with scenes playing and Gordon voicing overhead

  1. Signals
  2. Rusty and the Bridge
  3. Roof Repairs
  4. Thomas' Accident
  5. Percy and The Leaky Pipe
  6. Near Plunge
  7. Daisy and The Milk Tanker
  8. Point Failure
  9. Lyme and Ghosts
  10. Duck and the Harbour


Menu Design- Duck at a signal with six points, and a three berth shed

  1. Repair Edward, Henry, and Toby
  2. Shunt- Help Percy organize all the trucks in time
  3. Track Repairs- Help the workmen mend the correct track to help Thomas get to Brendam Docks
  4. Create Your Own Engine!


  1. Character Cube
  2. Web Fun with Colouring Sheets
  3. Meet the Director
  4. Photo Gallery with Deleted Shots
  5. Deleted Scenes
  6. Director's Commentary on The Pilot Episode and Gordon's Foggy Day


Menu Design- Cranky unloading boxes of songs

  1. Patience
  2. Brave
  3. The Work Song
  4. Roll Along
  5. Thomas and Percy
  6. Day of the Diesels