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'Arry and Bert's Triplet or "The Triplet" is the brother of 'Arry and Bert.


Thomas & Friends

Not much is known about him as he only appeared in a PC game with 'Arry and Bert.

Lukeillie's Series

He was invited to Sodor by his brothers to help Diesel. He got along with Diesel very good well and was part of Diesel's plan to help scrap Thomas. He later turned against Diesel and took the role of leader and ordered Diesel to do his plans. Diesel claimed that he was the leader and they both got into an argument. Percy later came and was able to sneak past them and rescue Thomas. 'Arry and Bert helped them stop arguing and they went back to scrap Thomas, only to find out he was gone. They were both angry at each other and the Triplet decided to scrap Diesel for what had happened. Luckily, 'Arry and Bert were able to get Thomas and Percy to help them stop the Triplet. He was defeated but was able to escape and said he would return one day.


Lukeillie's Series

He is shown to be rude to steam engines just like his brothers and likes to get others to help with his devious plans. However, he claims he is more devious than Diesel which led both him and Diesel to become enemies. He is very good at tricking others into doing things for him and he can get very devious, that even Diesel fears him.

Technical Details


He is based on a BR CLASS 08 just like 'Arry and Bert.

He is painted green-grey with yellow cabs and yellow hazard stripes in his front.


Lukeillie's Series


  • It is unknown what his name is. He is only called "The Triplet" in Lukeillie's Series
  • He has never appeared in an episode of Thomas & Friends.